When I started to work in Checks and Balances Network as a visual director, their website was a nightmare! I offered to work with an UX lab and contacted with one; however, I have learned that they have no budget, time and energy for a totally new website. Since it was a non profit organization, the process was quite different than any other place. 
I worked on what I can do for the website as a designer. My first focus was to make the website at least have a clean UI. I focused on how to create a change and value for the organization via website.
The other problem about the website was its structure. Since it was not a good designed website in terms of front end and backend, the latest digital consultant of the NGO was not eager to make any intervention to the website. 
When I inspect the website, I have seen  a retouch/ repair on the UI may solve some of the problems of the website. Through the process, I got the support of some people in the office and I also tried to convince some for change.
This is the process gif of my quick edits on the website. There were many unnecessary details on the website.
I also developed a standard and pattern in terms of dimensions and colors for the card covers in order to provide a consistency and for the home page. Actually I did thise before the changes on UI. This worked on even that background.
This shows the process:​​​​​​​
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