Hello. I’m a designer. After my graduation, I started to work in a company. I wanted to resign at the end of the first year of my job since I was too unhappy in the job and each day I spend in the office began to look like a big waste of time.
Everybody I spoke with was saying that each job was alike and making unhappy. However, in my opinion, there should be a job making happy somewhere.
To be able to resign I set a target: I decided on a countdown. At the end of this countdown, I will resign and document my unhappiness and the unqualified time I spent just for myself. I decided to make this with SELFIES I DRAW every day. I decided on this because drawing was the best thing I can do and I love it the most. Actually, I’m not a selfie master like Kim Kardashian.
And I have started my countdown from 30...
30-Wednesday. Happy since I started the resignation process.
29-Thursday. Angry and wanting to beat someone.
28-Friday. Not even in the office but still angry.
27-Happy cause it's saturday.
26-Monday syndrome on sunday.
25-Those tears are not about the job. Those are for the beautiful kids of Syria trying to survive. After watching news.
24-Tuesday. What I'm doing here?
23-Wednesday. I want to sleep. I can't able to sleep at nights. I'm depressed.
22-Thursday. At the end of the day I just became a bomb and exploded. I was just like a Rocky Balboa. Yes, those are WAR PAINTS MAN!
21-Friday. Happy cause I'm at my university for master course. This hairstyle shows how I'm going crazy.
20-Saturday. Sleep problem. I'm about to be a zombie.
19-Sunday. Meeting with friends. At the middle of the day I have found myself drinking raki( Turkish national alcoholic drink) with my friends.
18-Monday. I hate. Hate. HATE.
17-Tuesday. It was too silly to wait the countdown. I have decided to resign on Monday. After the work I went to shopping mall with my friend. I was crazy for eating an ice-cream (and it's december, mama would kill me).Anyway, this was a huge happiness for me.

16-Wednesday. I'm happy bitchesss.
15-Thursday. Happy but bored.
14-Friday. New year dinner with my colleagues. After party with my best friends from the office.
Yes, straight hair bitches.
13-Saturday. I'm OK. But my hair...HANGOVER.
12-Sunday. Happy cause I will resign tomorrow.
11-Monday. BIG BANG. I have resigned. I also felt the pain while thinking my leave. Actually I really love people but not the job.
As you can see I'm just like Mona Lisa, a subtle smile.
10-Tuesday. Happy and witty.
9-Wednesday. I'm happy. Others not knowing my resignation ask me "what are you counting? ".
8-Thursday. The last day of 2015. Celebrating the new year and explaining the resignation to my cousins.
7-Friday. A new year. A new hope.
There is no wind outside but there is a free wind in my inside. It just lets my hair flutter.
6-Saturday. Life is beautiful.
5-Sunday. Meeting with friends.
4-Monday. Thinking how I would be broke after the job but trusting my father and brother.

3-Tuesday. I have learned that although I resigned, I will be able to get some money. 
2-Wednesday. Dreaming. New ideas.
 1-Thursday. Everyone says "we are excited to learn".
Friday and it's time to share with people the reason of my countdown. RESIGNATION. REVOLUTION.FREEDOM.
I always asked myself this question,
we should design our lifes despite of everything
Thanks my dear brother for all his support during this process.
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