I'm at the table of Cansu Canca who is the founder and director of AI Ethics Lab.

Photo by Arsev Umur Aydinoglu.

In the workshop, there were seven tables  with different topics to discuss around ethics. In each table, there was a facilitator leading the discussion. The topics were: (1) bioethics and human enhancement technologies at sport and art, (2) machine ethics, (3)time perspective, (4) human-robot conflict at workplace, (5)mass observation, (6) autonomous cars, (7) human enhancement technologies. Each participant is allowed to spent 20 minutes at every table. Hence, I got the chance to attend to 4 tables. Before the workshop, I had some doubts for my participation since I questioned myself how I can discuss ethics with all these amazing people from academy. My only toolkit was design thinking and my urge to ask questions. At the end of the event, I've realized that all two has worked.
After the event, I decided to visualize this unique experience for myself. I drew what I thought before the event and how the event was. 

This is the illustration of my feelings before the event. The title of the illustration is: What do a designer look for in the ethics conference?

This is the illustration of the workshop time.

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