Hi, I'm Cigdem Demir!

industrial+visual designer

Citizen Character Design I
Koton Logo Re-Design
This is a school project I have worked on in order to make a new branding of Koton, a Turkish famous fashion and clothing brand. I was asked to focus on the visual part of the logo. I tried to create a new narrative for the brand.
The Prints of Sea
This project is independently designed to raise the awareness for the pollution in oceans, sea and beaches. Human objects/trashes left to nature are much more visible than we see and think. This print project just aims to make an emphasis on this issue by getting the prints of the objects found in a seaside (İzmir, Turkey).
Bag it
Interiors have limited tendency and opportunity to encourage people to separate waste in baskets. There are also many individuals caring for the separation, but they are not supported. Due to huge consumption, there is an accumulation of market bags with different size and colors. Those can be interior containers for waste separation. Bag it with its minimal design promotes waste separation for indoors.
DyeComb oxidation cream package provides an easy hair parting with its splayed structure and easy dye application with the dye channels/holes in the comb dents for the users of hair dye; user is able to dye his/her hair entirely by herself/himself not requiring any tool or assistant thanks to this packaging experience.
Seasons Lid Family
Water Does Not Evolve.
This is the redesign of one of my cartoons for a social announcement poster
Kovan Glass Package
This is a glass package design I have completed at my bachelor degree. I will share the details soon.
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