We were at Tilki for our typography exhibition

CON-TEXT TURE An Experimental Typography Exhibition

An Experimental Typography Exhibition
These experimental typography works are the output of a project that all the critical decisions made during 2015-2016 Fall Semester and finalised till the exhibition date, at Bilkent University FADA Media and Design Program, by GRA 511 Typography course participants and the instructor Ekin Kılıç. Project includes posters and design process giffs. 
Exhibition Participants;
Rengin Kocaogu 
Volkan Acun
Sila Alici
Pinar Çalıskan
Cigdem    Demir
Anil Özdem
Sölen Ödül S.
Çetin Tünger
Sepideh Yekan.
Ekin Kılıç

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